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Aug 16

Global Conspiracism Accelerating; Become Awake and Aware…

Conspiracy Comments Off on Global Conspiracism Accelerating; Become Awake and Aware…

In light of last week’s article, I have found myself more 'aware' of the level of secrecy we all live in. Conspiracy or not, there are and will always be secrets with-held from the human race by people with world power and hidden agendas. Am I paranoid? No, not at all. There is just too much evidence.

In recent years, it also seems that 'conspiracy' has pondered many more minds than before… Hence a new 'coming of age' and reform for a new path and global awareness of how finite our human existence actually is. As the human race continues… years and years of conditioned behavior and thought are finally breaking free. The human sub-conscious of knowledge continues to evolve. It seems we are slowly becoming increasingly aware of hidden truths, secret agendas, and control.

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Aug 01

We are all products of a psycho/sociological conditioned agenda. Everything from our beliefs, feelings, and knowledge is seeded over years-and-years of concealed truth withheld from government agencies, ultra secret projects, and world orders. Social control, money, and corporate interest help fuel these agendas, but why? Obviously social control, but maybe some of the elite powers want to retain a status quo and wide-spread feudalism. Will the truth scare us? Are we ready for the truth? Do we even care or want to know this truth? The voyage has only begun…
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Jul 30

Believe me, don’t believe me. I don’t care.

Facts to disprove, while proof is not real.

Agenda, Authority, Control, Order.

Propagated realism and a question in every corner.

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Jul 23

Well, back to the boards… I just got done moving servers and when I got to this domain; I was shocked I haven”t posted in while. So what better way to get back into the swing of things than an old fashioned conspiracy theory.

Kubrick was in on the hoax! he directed the Moon landing… now THAT deserves an Oscar.

Our nation recently celebrated it”s 40th anniversary of sending a man to the moon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alive to witness this epic moment (or the Beatles on the Sullivan show), but I think Netflix is going to be carrying it soon under the Stanley Kubrick collection… Not sure if it will be available in High Definition since some of the original source tapes have gone “missing”.

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