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We are all products of a psycho/sociological conditioned agenda. Everything from our beliefs, feelings, and knowledge is seeded over years-and-years of concealed truth withheld from government agencies, ultra secret projects, and world orders. Social control, money, and corporate interest help fuel these agendas, but why? Obviously social control, but maybe some of the elite powers want to retain a status quo and wide-spread feudalism. Will the truth scare us? Are we ready for the truth? Do we even care or want to know this truth? The voyage has only begun…

Many believe a world order is slowly coming into place. Photo by suzeqseven7 at photobucket

Many believe a world order is slowly coming into place. Photo by suzeqseven7 at photobucket

There are a number of agencies that many believe help conceal hidden agendas, information on UFOs, and sociotechnological advancements. Many are located in the United states, but several nations have their own concealment infrastructure.  We all know the names of Area 51, CIA, FBI, and even NASA, but there are so many more that are not as well-known (per list below). Even further below, I discuss the possibility of a few organizations and projects considered “ultra secret” – that may even get the most avid skeptics questioning “what is the truth?”

The first set of groups are considered “think tanks” and assist Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC). They have a physical location and have some sort of involvement with the government, private agencies, and also have many non-public, classified records. Think tanks may feel more free to propose and debate controversial ideas than people within government. Many question the type of power and information they have accrued, but for the most part – they play an important role in the “above the surface” foreign policies and national defense. These varied groups of intelligence include:

  • The United States Intelligence Community
    a cooperative federation of 16 separate United States government agencies that work separately and together to conduct intelligence activities considered necessary for the conduct of foreign relations and the protection of the national security of the United States. Some major IC groups include, CIA, FBI, and the DEA. These groups are monitored by a government oversight committee.
  • Research ANd Development (RAND)
    The RAND Corporation is considered the “think tank” first formed to offer research and analysis to the United States armed forces
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    a scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce focused on the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere. More recently… put in charge of “Space Commercialization”
  • The Brookings Institution
    A nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization based in Washington, D.C.
  • Battelle Institute
    Originally focusing on contract research and development work in the areas of metals and material science, Battelle is now an international science and technology enterprise that explores emerging areas of science, develops and commercializes technology, and manages laboratories for customers.
  • The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI)
    A conservative think tank founded in 1943. Its stated mission is “to defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom and democratic capitalism — limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty…”
  • The Heritage Foundation
    An American conservative think tank located in Washington D.C., which plays a significant influence in U.S. public policy making, and is widely considered to be one of the most influential research organizations in the United States.
  • The Center for Strategic and International Studies
    A foreign policy think tank located in Washington D.C., The center was founded in 1964 by Admiral Arleigh Burke. CSIS provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decision makers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society.
  • Mitre Corporation
    A public-interest not-for-profit organization that manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs)
  • JASON Grouop
    Part-time defense think tank for university professors
  • Institute for Defense Analyses
    A non-profit corporation that administers three federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) to assist the United States government in addressing important national security issues, particularly those requiring scientific and technical expertise.
  • The Aerospace Corporation
    The FFRDC for national security space, primarily supports the Space and Missile Systems Center of the Air Force Space Command
  • Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
    Space-related defense research and testing (Star Wars)
  • Lincoln Laboratory
    A federally funded research and development center managed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lexington Institute
    A libertarian, free market think tank, founded in 1988 by Merrick Carey. The Institute has received money from Exxon Mobil but nearly all funding came from defense contractors whose products it frequently wrote in favor of.
  • Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)A progressive media criticism organization based in New York City, founded in 1986.
  • Chatham House
    A non-profit, non-governmental organization based in London whose mission is to analyse and promote the understanding of major international issues and current affairs. It is regarded as one of the world”s leading organizations in this area. Probably the biggest non-US think tank.

The below list contains less publicly known groups, hidden institutions, projects, and even secret societies. Due to the public nature of the list above, some think they are just front organizations controlled by members of the list below. With a high level of secrecy, their existence is questionable to many, but with strings of theories, evidence, and facts, the truth is surfacing slowly.

  • The Majestic 12 (Unholy 13)
    The MJ-12 is the purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman.
  • Project Camelot
    Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army in 1964. The goal of the project was to assess the causes of violent social rebellion and to identify the actions a government could take to prevent its own overthrow.
  • Project Blue Book (1951)
    Project Blue Book was one of many series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.).
  • The Bilderberg Group
    The Bilderberg Group, is an unofficial, annual, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business, and banking.
  • Committee of 300
    A secret society founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. It is allegedly an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.
  • Council on Foreign Relations
    An American bipartisan foreign policy membership organization founded in 1921.
  • Freemasonry
    A fraternal organization various forms all share moral and metaphysical ideals, which include, in most cases, a constitutional declaration of belief in a Supreme Being.
  • Illuminati
    A name that refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. Some believe it contains masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of such a New World Order.
  • New World Order
    Refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian one-world government.
  • Trilateral Commission
    A private organization, established to foster closer cooperation between the United States, Europe and Japan. It was founded in July 1973, at the initiative of David Rockefeller; who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time. The Trilateral Commission is widely seen as a counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Nine Unknown Men
    A legendary two millennia-old secret society reputedly founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka c. 270 BC. The Emperor founded the society of the Nine to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands.
  • Le Cercle
    A foreign policy think-tank specializing in international security. Set up after World War II, the group has members from twenty-five countries and meets at least bi-annually, in Washington, D.C.
  • Sun Valley Meetings
  • Great White Brotherhood
    In some Theosophical and New Age belief systems, is a group of people who believe there are supernatural beings of great power who spread the true religious teachings through selected humans.
  • Round Table movement
    Founded in 1909, was an association of organizations promoting closer union between Britain and its self-governing colonies.

The U.S. government has three levels of classified information.

  1. Confidential
  2. Secret
  3. Top Secret

Many of the organizations listed in both groupings above have an array of information from all three… but wait… there has to be more… afterall, the government is also on a “Need to know” basis. There has to be an Above Top Secret category. Even more frightening, there can be even more above the “Above” top secret projects so-called the “ultra black area” or Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP).

USAPs require a much larger degree of clearance and if one of the “few” involved with a USAP is questioned, they are under orders to deny such a program exists. It is not allowed to react with a “no comment”, because that would immediately fuel suspicions that something is being hidden and is likely to cause further inquiries.

One can only imagine the type of knowledge and acquired at these top levels, we”ll use the UFO cover up as a demonstrating example. According to an interview with Dr. Steven Greer (a physician and founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence who called for public hearings on the military-industrial cover-up of UFO events world wide.), there is an estimated 200-300 participants in the covert project for the “Worldwide UFO cover up”.



He now leads the CSETI, which is a world-wide organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms, to unveil these hidden agendas and bring them forward to the public… He identifies both government and non-government participants involved in this cover up, along with starting Project Starlight and The Disclosure Project to expose some of the best scientific evidence that supports UFO existence since 1993. (I guess there are some people fighting this!). You can read more details about the worldwide UFO cover up the Share International Archives. But I liked this excerpt said by Greer,

“We”re not alone and there are extraterrestrials out there.” And by the way, there”s not a scintilla of evidence that these ETs are hostile, notwithstanding the rantings of the UFO community and the science fiction buffs. The issue is much more complex because it deals with hugely vested, powerful interests that are desperate to keep this thing quiet for as long as they can because of the economic, social, technological, geopolitical, and other implications of a disclosure…..”

“I do want to say here on the record that a number of people in the military and intelligence communities are some of our biggest supporters for getting this information out. They are honest, upright men and women who really want this issue to get resolved. They understand how dangerous it is to our way of life to have something this powerful managed in an ultra-secret and probably illegal way.”

Most of the more-public projects/organizations/think tanks mentioned above claim to serve “objective” analysis and research, which by all means is great! but wait a minute, nothing can be completely “objective” in modern society… not with special interests, government, and corporations! cmon, that is just silly… and of course there is always going to be a splash of government.

This means controlled information to the public. But then there is even controlled information to the government. The Majestic 12, directors of think tanks, and members of elite/old groups know the full truth… but then… there must be intelligence in other countries, so we must even consider the possibility of a World Order (Free Masons, Bilderberg Group) to be involved. One would ask, Don”t we have the right to know these types of things?  This shouldn”t be covered up… Aren”t we all together in this “Human Race”?

After all, we are just one of a million planets – in this galaxy – in this universe – in this infinite amount of “space” we exist in. We are so insignificant it hurts. With the way this country and world is currently structured, we will continue to have arrested evolution in this “Human Race”.

The “Disclosure Project” ( is doing just this. Since its engagement in 1993, this movement is stressing the government to freely release information on UFOs and other “wordly” matters that impact the existence of the human race to the PUBLIC.

In addition, there has been many revisions to the “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)”. And with obvious help from Dr. Greer and the CSETI, there is hope ahead. Until then… a more grounded, sad, but real answer to this whole cover up is “Control” and “Money”.

There has also been recent movement from the Project For The Exposure Of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) – with the purpose to inform the world about the existence of an entire network of private, highly influential but low-profile organizations which have had great influence on how the world is shaped. Although there may be occasional updates, this task has largely been completed and the site can be considered inactive.” You can find more at the Institute for the Globalization and Covert Politics.

The knowledge of such other unearthly existence can only shake rambles into an already unstable, vastly uneducated society, leaving the government with little power not only on its own nation but dealing with a new perspective of “World” and “Oneness”. Not to even mention the religious implications.

The impact of mass media to the masses helps conceal the interests of people in power and retain status quo.

The impact of mass media to the masses helps conceal the interests of people in power and retain status quo.

Many, if not all people, don”t even raise these types of questions their entire lifetime… They are institutionalized, diseased by lies, slaves of tailored propaganda, and prisoners of psychological warfare. They are silent and such news of any thing like this would seem like a cool “Hollywood” movie! (wow, there are Aliens out there! that is Kewl LOL!)… other instances would be discredited by a “scientists” who believes this is all rubbish or even planned hoaxed to help continue the bad legitimacy of UFOs through media conglomerates (News Corporation, Viacom and Time Warner).

Ignorance can also be bliss and let”s face it… most people are just dumb – and keeping these sheep dumb – is easy with mass media, Hollywood, and propaganda.  But to us “Dogs” it isn”t such an easy task. We question. We wonder. We “think”. We aren”t so easily fooled by bull shit excuses, stories, and are just simply aware of this higher manipulation.  Dogs continue to be skeptical of cover ups,  while the the powers-of-be continue to isolate these secrets with techniques unfamiliar even to the most active Dogs or even government agencies… meaning it”s secret-keeping methodology is so rooted, dynamic, and innovative… there is no way to unveil the truth.

The dogs will continue to be skeptic of these pseudo governmental/industrial/private agencies, but this battle has just begun. We need to re-frame our society to handle these truths more openly; we must uncover these secrets and accept how finite we are and how little we know. We need a social reform on how we perceive our “private” government and how our government perceives the “public”.

The Us and Them mentality won”t and doesn”t work. The earth should be the “Us” and the extraterrestrials should be the “Them”. We need to work on an extra-constitutional amendment to allow free information to the public interest. Although control is needed, there is an unused/innovative angle we must consider.

Imagine there

Imagine there's no countries - John Lennon

We need to act as one world not one world with 250 nations. Secrets are dispensed all over and with the divide of “country” one may never know the entire truth even with top secret intelligence in one country! So what is the balance to truth, control, and our existence? Unity and just “understanding” the possibility of new life out there. We must begin to accept this at a global scale by implementing it into our educational systems, media, and other outlets.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we can”t be alone and there is just too many questionable organized groups of intelligence withholding invaluable facts about our existence. Let us know these facts! Let us fight this barrier and introduce this knowledge to the public arena… slowly, we can begin to accept these truths in an orderly/controlled manner. Chaos won”t happen if peace and unity is in mind. I think this is best summarized by famous astrophysict, Carl Sagan (RIP) –

“The idea of benign or hostile space aliens from other planets visiting the earth [is clearly] an emotional idea. There are two sorts of self-deception here: either accepting the idea of extraterrestrial visitation by space aliens in the face of very meager evidence because we want it to be true; or rejecting such an idea out of hand, in the absence of sufficient evidence, because we don”t want it to be true. Each of these extremes is a serious impediment to the study of UFOs.”