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Nov 22

A friend of mine shared a great link with me today regarding Dream research, more specifically, Lucid Dreams. I am an avid dream theorist and this is a great article to read if you have the time.

Lucid Dreams may finally get some real attention in the field of Science. I have a Lucid Dream probably once every two weeks, which is very frequent… I can honestly say that Lucid Dreams are a completely different state of consciousness – and a very therapeutical way to deal with your conscious desires, anxieties, and day residue.

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Dec 06

We need to remember that it is the science and technology related fields that drive innovation and development for a society. Research and development in these fields aid in transportation, defense, energy, communication, and so much more. Although I am biased (I am an engineer), I believe that our country”s priorities are completely out of line. We need scientific-based jobs to compete in this new world. India, China, and Russia all value science in a way our country cannot even imagine.

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