Nov 25

Lawyers are watering down American society and there is now social research to show it.

Peter Turchin, vice president of the Evolution Institute and professor of biology and anthropology at the University of Connecticut simply states that “it is the over-production of law degrees”.

Turchin has written the book War and Peace and War: The Rise and Fall of Empires and has come up with 30 indicators that help show the demise of any socieity. He used the old Roman Empire, Imperial China and civilizations to prove his point. One of the indicators, stated above, is the overproduction of law degrees.

“We must anticipate several years of political uncertainty, peaking within the 2020s,” Turchin anticipates. The cataclysm is appointed for another president’s watch.

Wealth Glut –>Unemployed Lawyers–>Elite Fratricide–>Political Disorder

Some communities follow “a group of cautious reforms, started by elites who recognize that we”re all-in this together.”

May a fall-off in lawyers come quickly enough to save lots of the society? That’s not yet determined. It might be too late, as packs of lately graduated, unemployed J.D.s face-off against out-of-work print journalists, purposeless and client-hungry public-relations specialists.