Jul 23

Well, back to the boards… I just got done moving servers and when I got to this domain; I was shocked I haven”t posted in while. So what better way to get back into the swing of things than an old fashioned conspiracy theory.

Kubrick was in on the hoax! he directed the Moon landing… now THAT deserves an Oscar.

Our nation recently celebrated it”s 40th anniversary of sending a man to the moon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alive to witness this epic moment (or the Beatles on the Sullivan show), but I think Netflix is going to be carrying it soon under the Stanley Kubrick collection… Not sure if it will be available in High Definition since some of the original source tapes have gone “missing”.

So did Kubrick assist the CIA in mocking a realistic photo/motion capture of men on the moon? Why Kubrick? NASA needed professional Hollywood help to pull of this media stunt… 2001: Space Odyssey was just in post-production, and many were astounded by the extreme realism the special effects his production crew created.

The Cold War was a pissing contest between 2 nations trying to prove themselves as a world power. It was apparent in all facets of society – from nuclear arms, technological advances, and amid the race – the space program. They were the first to send a satellite, man, woman, animal into space, among many other “firsts”. It seemed they were at least 5 steps ahead of the States – but we did keep at least a year on their tail., and with the embarrassingly poor execution of Apollo 1, having the Soviet Union reach this astronomical step would have been just enough to poison our country”s patriotism, confidence, and reputation.

What better way to retain a worldly conception of power than to be the 1st on the moon? Sure, it costs $30 billion dollars (but who cares? The Federal Reserve is a joke), had the involvement of over 400,000 workers, but it had to be done. I can almost see an Illuminiti say, “Let us distract the masses with media and trailing propaganda from the Vietnam war… The more we can distract, the less likely questions will be asked and details won”t be as closely watched… also, let’s eliminate any of the key players closely involved with this stunt a few years down the road. We”ll eventually get to the moon to cover this hoax up better in a few years… the important part is we need to get up their “first”. People will believe it because we”ll shove it down their throats with convincing photos, video, and audio…”

$30 billion dollars is a lot of money… I don”t think Kubrick had that type of budget, so there had to be some large tips handed out. I”d sure like to see NASA have that sort of money these days… Nixon sure did have the balls to pull this off, whether it all be real or staged…

Don”t forget who controls the media… We”re spoon fed through mass media, propaganda, and other “distractions” so other authorities can fulfill an alternative motive. I”m not saying I am even a full believer of this conspiracy, I just thought it was interested food for thought… especially with Kubrick involved! Plus, you have to watch the Jupiter landing scene while watching Pink Floyd “Echoes”… again, another odd coincidence.

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