Aug 16

In light of last week’s article, I have found myself more 'aware' of the level of secrecy we all live in. Conspiracy or not, there are and will always be secrets with-held from the human race by people with world power and hidden agendas. Am I paranoid? No, not at all. There is just too much evidence.

In recent years, it also seems that 'conspiracy' has pondered many more minds than before… Hence a new 'coming of age' and reform for a new path and global awareness of how finite our human existence actually is. As the human race continues… years and years of conditioned behavior and thought are finally breaking free. The human sub-conscious of knowledge continues to evolve. It seems we are slowly becoming increasingly aware of hidden truths, secret agendas, and control.

This gets me thinking of Timothy Good’s new book “Need to Know”, which reflects mainly on UFOs, but demonstrates a fundamental principle of uncovering conspiracies. Much like the Disclosure Project agrees, maybe this “gradual disclosure” is moving too slowly? However, if we speed it up, maybe the human race would be less accepting to these new truths? Regardless, there just needs to be a reframed approach. I am sure if the world leaders are actually planning on disclosure of UFOs, religion, technology, energy, or even our very own existence – it would have to be done correctly to maintain control. I’m sure many think tanks are researching alternative approaches and marking up policies for our government to consider.

Become 'Awake', bcome 'Aware'

Become 'Awake', bcome 'Aware'

We all need to enlist on this mission to expose truth to the masses and serve as a catalyst to accelerate this process. Become “Awake” and “Aware”. After all, it only takes a few dogs to herd a flock of sheep, right? Why not get more people enlightened on such possibilities that we are victims of lies, control, greed, and world order… Awake them from auto-pilot and get them to question things… get mad! We have one planet, one life, and one chance to get this out. Who knows what can be revealed from a substantial reform? We are not slaves, we are free souls. We want to know more about our nature, our existence, and our universe.

Project Camelot is yet another solider battling this long crusade for the truth. They encourage hidden researchers and whistle blowers to simply “get their stories out”. In addition, this project focuses on investigating extraterrestrials, time travel, mind control, classified advanced technology, free energy, earth changes, and revealing plans that may even control the human race. This is exactly the type of organization we need to fuel a movement for truth and exposure…

Many conspiracy critics usually claim, “How can so many people keep a secret for so long…? The government, high level researchers, and world leaders can't possibly retain such information without someone spilling the beans”. This usually gets to me. Of course there have been multiple whistle blowers, interviews, books, and even hard evidence – but it doesn't matter. Controlled main stream media will never expose this, along with hundreds of other small 'cover-up' tactics and 'distractions' to shake the lambs and to hush the puppies.

Project Camelot has even caught the attention of Dr. Greer's Disclosure Project, which is one of the 1st and largest truth-seeking forces to formally evolve. They too are a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. They also have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

It seems we're inching closer and with avid help from wonderful organizations mentioned above, I think we may finally see some light in the near future. The problem is much larger than the people withholding the truth; it spawns deeper within us as individuals and as a human race. Until more start to question, I fear we will all continue to be victims of withheld truth. There will always be an ongoing struggle of poor public consensus, mainstream media, rooted lies, and institutionalized ideals.

Do people even want to know the 'truth'? Do we even care? Ignorance is bliss to some; and becoming aware of something that you can't even control can cause anxiety and frustration – but there just has to be more than we are even capable of knowing. We “Don't know what we don't know…” Maybe the truth is a release to eternal living and a life we are have no comprehension of knowing how different it can be. Our race is young, but our thoughts are younger… Let us all soon become Awake and Aware…

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