Aug 24

So just who is this Rockefeller guy? To the masses, they probably remember John D. Rockefeller as a huge oil tycoon in the early part of the 20th century, but beyond that, little is really known about him or his descending family. The name seems to be thrown around almost every conspiracy though, so let’s take a closer look at just how involved this name is within hidden agencies and agendas.

John D. Rockefeller was America’s first billionaire and his wealth continued to grow after his death in 1937; it was distributed through a system of foundations and trusts, but of course his wealth infringed into the political and banking arena, which brings focus to many of the conspiracies and to a new world order ran by the banking industry.

The Rockefeller brothers

The Rockefeller brothers

Through many decades the Rockefeller family has leaded many high-level institutions and councils, most currently headed by current family patriarch, David Rockefeller, who is the only surviving grandchild of the billionaire oil tycoon. He is heavily involved in international politics, globalist, and with aid of many of the Rockefeller institutions, may even control the world.

  • The Council on Foreign Relations – An influential foreign policy think tank founded in 1921 by the Rockefeller family. The council’s mission is promoting understanding of foreign policy and the United State’s role in the world.
  • The Trilateral Commission – ‘Private’ Organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller. The organization was established to help foster more cooperation between the United States, Europe and Japan. Many critics believe the commission constitutes a conspiracy seeking to gain control of the U.S Government to create a new world order.
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • Venrock – compound for “Venture” and “Rockefeller” which was formed in 1969 by the Rockefeller Brothers, Inc.
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – A foreign-policy think tank founded in 1910. The organization is dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States. David Rockefeller served on the board for several years in 1949.
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – founded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in 1913. Its main mission is to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.
  • Chase National Bank – Under David Rockefellers working years there as chairman, he formed the International Advisory Committee (IAC0, which had 28 prominent and respected businessmen from 19 nations. He later took Chase to become a central pillar at the world’s financial system.
  • World Bank – Chase Bank had a strong relationship and connection to the World Bank because three presidents all worked at Chase before taking on their leadership positions there. Rockefeller also hosts annual luncheons at his family’s Westchester County Pocantico estate for the world’s finance ministers and central bank governors.
  • Council of Americas – Formed by Rockefeller in 1965, which was a business organization whose goals were to promote free trade, democracy, and open markets throughout ‘the Americas’…. (NAFTA spawned from this… and can anyone else see the strong resemblance to the current Amero currency?)

Many of these organizations seem targeted to help create a new World Order; after all, the Rockefeller family controls a high percentage of the world’s wealth. In fact, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) started a program in 2008 to do just this. The program is supposed to last for 5 years and is called “International Institutions and Global Governance: World Order in the 21st Century”, which aims in directing global institutions to foster a global governance, including the following tasks:

  • Countering Transnational Threats (terrorism, infectious diseases, etc)
  • Protecting the Environment and Promoting Energy Security
  • Managing the Global Economy
  • Preventing and Responding to Violent Conflict

The CFR has many influential members including even corporate members, such as: ABC News, American Express, Boeing, ExxonMobil, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and many more…

It is no conspiracy that Rockefeller wishes a more global economy and world order. According to his very own autobiography he admits it, “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that”s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

The John Birch Society, a political advocacy group, serves to promote U.S. independence and sovereignty and strictly opposes globalism and international regional groups that the Rockefeller initiative continues to expand on. If anything, the Society is opposed to the idea of “one world government”.

Strikingly enough, David Rockefeller also had an early connection with the CIA by knowing many agents and even directors of the agency. According to Cary Reich’s biography of his brother Nelson, a former CIA agent states that David was ‘extensively briefed on covert intelligence operations” by David’s friend, CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Balancing a new world economy

Balancing a new world economy

Over time these organizations also saved important seats to the US Administration (Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Harry S. Truman, and more) and other political leaders world-wide. In a book titled Radical Priorities, Noam Chomsky said the following:

“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign — in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as “the best censored news story of 1976” — and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government — the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury — are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

David Rockefeller continues to represent the very elite of finance and world economics. We can only speculate what he and brothers discussed over the last century, and who knows just how much their regular “brothers meetings” pertained to world order, but it is certainly a viable concern. David served as secretary during these family meetings but the notes won’t become public soon if ever.

More recently in 2000, Nicholas Rockefeller, went to visit Aaron Russo, an American film director, because he liked a video made by him, “Mad as Hell”. In the conversations they had, Rockefeller reveals some very shocking information, concerning 9/11 (which hadn”t even happened yet at this point), the invasion of Iraq, the war on terror, foreign policy, RFID tags, reduction of world population, Israel, the Council on Foreign Relations, and many more discerning conspiracy topics.

An interview with Aaron Russo conducted by Alex Jones has a lot of the excerpts here.

The sheer power this family owns is astounding. Despite some of the better things their wealth has contributed to, there are many questions that arise when you see the agencies and affiliates they have accrued over the years. It may be hard for us to understand anyways… When one family literally owns a huge percentage of global money – it is hard NOT to be involved with global economics and foreign policy. We are creatures of greed; so why not try to convey a world order to more knowingly control monetary value of wealth?

The Rockefeller name will continue to be institutionalized globally. Whether the agenda be to help humanity or to secure generations of wealth, there seems to be an elite, globalist tactic taking place. We must be mindful on these actions and ensure this world monarchy doesn’t ill impact us.