Aug 28

Could it be? We have seen similar events back in 1976, but this time… it seems different. Could this have been an engineered/accidental virus leaked from a laboratory? Are these “vaccines” legit? Are they safe? or… is this thing “real”?

With all the angled media coverage on it, it is hard not to think this is a tool for an underlying agenda. There seems to be reports all the time of single deaths from this strain of flu, but people die from the common flu all the time.

What is interesting to me is the global awareness of H1N1. It almost seems that this was all coordinated as a distraction to help ease into a new world order? What better way to remind humanity and dis-sovereign nations then to “scare” us with a global virus.

Granted, this is the information era… we can listen, read, and watch information with just a click of a mouse. Us dogs are always thinking… and now we have sources everywhere to conspire on. Us mindful folk almost “doublethink” any issue to relief dissonance and feed our growing curiosity. We wish there is an absolute truth, but regretfully, there is no absolute answer to anything. Is H1N1 genuine? Is it a hoax? Is it distraction? Who knows? We try to learn the facts and discern good sources from bad ones, but we will always feel criminally dissatisfied. It is the inevitable.

We are bounded by conditioned rationality over centuries of power, control, and government. It does seem people have increasingly become more skeptic of our government though… I sure hope our leaders remember “We the People” and not secretly ill-treat their own people. Hopefully a light will be shined on all of us shortly… Hopefully we can all feel empowered in this nation again.