Apr 18

Following disappointing news yesterday; the United States Senate failed to pass a bill to help expand gun-buyer background checks. Although the bill was supported by nearly 90% of Americans, it still died in the Senate… Certainly sad news… and it would have been some key legislation to at least keep gun control in our minds. The bill wasn’t going to take fire arms away, and it didn’t infringe on our 2nd amendment rights, however, the National Rifle Association (NRA) lead many to believe it was. Why are some conservatives worried about our 2nd amendment rights when don’t even have a government who listens to its people anymore?

lobbyists-control-governmentIt is scary to see a bill NOT pass even when 90% of Americans show support for it. Don’t we elect these officials to ‘represent’ us? This incident clearly shows how corrupt Washington is and how much special interest groups control decision makers. Pure and simple – Money buys votes.

The trust for our government has steeply fallen after this silly debacle. Was it worth voted this bill down? Hell no. There is just no logic in this… We have over 33,000 deaths a year by guns and have some of the worst mass shootings in the last few years… NOW is the time to act, however, Americans now feel powerless and confused.

“Shame on you!” Washington.