Apr 15

Have you ever considered our DNA being designed by a super extraterrestrial civilization millions or billions years ago? It has crossed my mind a few times over the years, but haven”t really given it attention this topic deserves. Humans are astounded by the complexity of our biological make up and until recently didn”t even know the genome that composed us. We now know how big the human genome is, but have yet to know what it fully means and how we can modify it.

Vladimir shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan hypothesize that an intelligent signal is embedded in our very own genetic code – something he is calling “Biological SETI”. He argues that this “code” may be easier to decipher than transient extraterrestrial radio transmissions and telescopes.

Did aliens make our dna?

Did aliens make our dna?

He explains, “Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known. Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature. Once the genome is appropriately rewritten the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered through space and time.”

The theory of Biological SETI or this concept of Intelligent Design (ID) runs perpendicular to what science has taught us, but almost shifts us to faith as we have to believe something of a “higher power” has engineered the complexity of the human species. Whether this “higher power” is God or Aliens is subjective to many, but we can only wonder as we continue to understand our existence.

As I type this post I can”t help but start thinking of the work by Zecharia Sitchin and his books on how extraterrestrials (from the planet of Nibiru) put humans here thousands of years go. Some good stuff there if you haven”t read any of them.

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