Oct 02

To set the record straight, I don’t “hate” my government; I just don’t fully “trust” them. There is a big difference. I question things because I am ‘aware’ but I still understand/respect political duties/agendas, even if they don’t fully piece together.

Government needs to keep subtle but firm control over it’s citizens; but must also maintain a level of trust, integrity, and honor while doing so… If you are hiding aliens behind the back door, be sure that the windows aren’t big enough to see through the front… you know what I mean? People will always conspire… it is in our nature, but even the sheep are starting to maul about the herd.

I realize I may never know the truth, so until I somehow join the CIA, work 20+ years, gain above top secret clearance… I am going to look the other way and enjoy my life. Sure, I want to know the truth and I think there are some real benefits to strategically introducing us to new concepts that have been ‘covered-up’… I just don’t want to be scared and I want to “trust” that our government cares for every last individual as it potentially can.

Mother, Should I Trust The Government?...

Mother, Should I Trust The Government?...

I am aware of the complexities to control 350 Million people, maintain foreign relations, and many more integrate matters that one dog can have a hard time understanding. We can bark all we want about the “lies” and the “conspiracies”, but we must also be mindful of the other end of the spectrum — control.

As individuals, it is easy to question power and blame the government, but in reality, without it… we wouldn’t really have the individualistic mindset anyways… Many may argue that a new world order would help ‘humanize’ government a bit more, but this will also take away not only national sovereignty but OUR individual sovereignty…

I have made some remarks in the past in regard that we need a more ‘world-perspective’ and for everyone to unite to realize how finite our human race really is. We can continue to have our individualistic mindsets, but until a new social control frame-work is set in place, I will be happy with what I have and the country that has given it to me.

I am far from diseased patriotism or institutionalized ethnocentrism… I just like the opportunities I have been given and subtle control our government has used. Should I dare say it?… God BLESS America 😉