Apr 04

One of the central themes in Nazism was to simply regard animals as moral beings. Why Not? Who ever said they were not moral beings to begin with? Many people during this time, including Ernst Haeckel, believed that religion was to blame for making humans superior over animals. But didn’t Haeckel and the Nazis look at the Jews much like how our society looks at cattle for meat? It may be a ridiculous comparison, but the Nazis gave the Jews a distinctive look and tried to terminate the entire race due to an engraved believe and doctrine against them.

In a sense, they inadvertently flipped their view on animals with an inferior race of human beings. They gave animal’s higher regard than the Jews. In our society we can slaughter animals because we believe we hold a superior intellect over them, so does this mean we can slaughter humans who are mentally deficient? Of course, and that is exactly what the Nazis did.

The way we view animals is much like Nazism and the Third Reich, we must change this view, to help stop this extravagant holocaust towards victimized creatures. It all boils down to a simple view and a set of beliefs. What is promoting such a belief in our society?

Institutions, such as McDonalds, are promoting our society’s dysfunctional view on animals by selling double cheeseburgers for 99 cents. There are many other sources and factors contributing to this animal holocaust, but I may concur that McDonalds is our modern day Hitler. All Hail McDonalds…

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