Dec 04

Mind ControlCan the process of socialization be considered a modifiable tool, used by people with power, to control a desired outcome?  Teaching the young, our country’s future, proper values, skills, and behavioral rules to obey by, is a good way to socially constrain our growing children.  But although this system may be beneficial for some, how does it affect others?

Placing children in an organized institution with an aligned hierarchy, time blocks, and authority-like teachers may be hurtful to society, if the sociological mind is in gear.  Our society values hard work, full time employment, and competitiveness.  Not artistic minds, radical thinking, poor patriotism, and other values not stressed in public education.  Museum workers, fighting political agendas, anti war organizations, and other institutions that run perpendicular to the values learned through school are not very vibrant.  A similar issue would be why war/combat video games are being directed towards young teenagers?  Maybe to implicitly train possible recruits for the United States Army?

So is the way we organize ourselves, institutions, sporting events, etc. a direct socialized order of a what some higher power wants us to do to be more compliant, stronger, or any trait that is productive for our society?  When did these decisions take place?  Are indexes looked upon the same way from different people? Schwalbe suggests that schooling teaches students to be competitive, accept authority, follow rules, and more, but may others look at it differently?  How do we determine if one interpretation is more plausible than

2 Responses to “Conditioned Socialization…”

  1. megahog says:

    Socialization – the evolution of a primate to a person. Without it, we are clicking our tongues and wearing loin clothes in a jungle, but with it we become confused pawns working from 9 to 5. The alternative is to home school and live in the remote woods of Wyoming. I truly believe that my time in the education system was more of a babysitting service than a fruitful environment for learning. Also, I completely agree with the video games – I really do think we are training a new fleet of youth for combat.

  2. stratogod says:

    Socialization will always happen… A set of rules, control, norms, and government will always spawn if you put enough people together. I would love to click my tongue all day though… 😉